Foul Ball!


It’s that time of year again, when the baseball diamond takes center stage on ESPN, ESPN 2, and all the other sports networks. My favorite college team of course is Vandy, and they made it to the College World Series this year, which was ABSOLUTELY awesome. When I was streaming the game at work, I was watching at home cheering on the boys in Black and Gold! Also I went to a Nashville Sounds game recently after having not gone in year’s, so baseball is following me left and right!

One of my favorite baseball stories goes back to when I was 14 year’s old! I went with a friend to a Vandy football autograph signing followed by a free Vandy/Ole Miss baseball game. So my friend and I are chilling by the third baseline, just acting like 14 year olds, and I hear the famous words “Heads Up”! Well luckily I put my head up slightly and BAMMM a 60+ MPH ball hits me right in the neck!

I was in complete shock- like it didn’t immediately hurt but and all I knew to do was to stand completely still. I think adrenaline

This looks painful!

kicked in pretty quickly cause I didn’t even feel the slightest bit of pain until later that night.

So there is a guy nearby watching all this take place and goes to get a trainer with Vandy’s baseball team. The trainer immediately comes up and tells me not to move my neck, which was fine cause at that point I hadn’t moved at all.

So we are standing there and he starts saying things about broken collarbones, ice, Emergency Room, etc. and asks me where my parents are. Well here is the kicker—my dad, who had dropped my friend and I off for the football thing, was with his friend’s participating in an annual mock baseball draft, and having a good time! And by good time I mean beer, wings, more beer and baseball!

The trainer suggested that I call my dad, which I did and guess what he asked me? “Well it’ll be a few hours before I get there. Do you think you need to go to the ER?”  Yea I’m pretty sure that was the alcohol talking, and the fact that he was in the middle of what he called “a very important draft”. So three hours later, and A LOT of ice dad comes to pick us up!

But have no fear cause this girl was just fine? I was being cared for by a really FAB trainer and the Vandy baseball team felt bad for me and continuously kept checking in. I even got an autographed ball out of the deal (don’t ask me where it is now though)!

The biggest bummer was the mark it left on my neck. Let’s just say it looked like a giant hickie for about three weeks, which for a freshman in high school is VERY embarrassing!

So when you hear someone yell “Heads Up”- it may be best to duck down!

Ta Ta for now—xoxo


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