I want a trophy dammit!


I just love getting a good deal! It’s great when you can ride the waves of Groupon, Half-Off Depot, and other bundled discount sites. Which is why I recently purchased a 30 day boot camp Groupon for 33% off the original cost at a high-end training facility about 5 minutes from my house. I needed to change up my workout routine a bit, and felt like this would help burn calories, build endurance, and get my butt into shape. My husband felt the same way, though I think he just wanted to make sure I didn’t fall out from exhaustion, so he bought one too. We committed to a date, and woke up bright and early before the sun came out to head to our butt-kickin’ 1st day of boot camp-palooza! Mind you at this point I thought given my prior workout and training levels, I could survive going every other day and be fine.

ImageI soon realized after the first class, that this was not the normal lunge, push-up, lap running boot camp I had experienced in the past. This was hard-nose, in your face, keep pushing, tire-flipping torture. Ok maybe it wasn’t torture, but I bet my muscles thought so. I have never sweat so much in my life, and that is factoring in half-marathon running and training! The boot camp coach comes from the world of no-nonsense! He didn’t smile or offer words of encouragement like “good job” or “hang in there”. Nope, he kept a straight face and made it obvious that complaning would only make things worse. As a matter of fact, after that first class he pretty much told us that we sucked and that he wasn’t sure what had happened the prior weekend, but that if this was what we brought to the table the rest of the week it would be a long one. Basically, he came from the belief that everyone doesn’t get a trophy just because they participate!

Needless to say, I was pissed! What do you mean we sucked? I thought I had done a fairly decent job considering this wasn’t my normal workout! Well instead of wallowing in my anger, I used it to fuel my fire and go back (albeit 4 days later due to excrutiating muscle pain which was evident when I was walking and wincing at the same time). By week three, I was going 3 days a week, and didn’t feel the sudden urge to throw up at the end of class, so there was improvement. And dammit I was adamant that I wanted a trophy!



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  1. Knew I was missing something I enjoyed…it was your wonderful blog. Girlfriend, please do this more often! Always enjoy reading your wonderful adventures.


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