So what do you do when you have no electricity and you are out in the middle of nowhere-land? Panic? Nope! Scream at the top of your lungs for help in hopes that someone, or really anyone will hear? Nope! Actually it’s quite the contrary….You sit back, breathe and appreciate the peace and quiet! Not only that–you read a good book, catch up on your 500 piece puzzle skills, and get in touch with your new BFF-Mother Nature!

This is exactly what happened to me shortly after I arrived around 4pm Thursday afternoon at our family cottage known as the Grubbhole off Route 6 in the (very) rural mountains of Pennsylvania!  We were without power for a little over 48 hours, which means no running water, no air conditioning, no toilet flushing (unless you brought a bucket of water up from the creek), no showers, and no lights in the pitch black darkness of night. Some would refer to this as “roughin’ it’ but guess what? It really wasn’t that rough.

There was family to visit, cousins to see, and plenty of places to go! Luckily towards the latter end of hour 40, guys in hard hats with cherry pickers, live electric wire, transformers, and the power to “flip the switch” were spotted and nerves were calmed for the most part and then voila’- WE HAVE LIGHTS!

It’s amazing what you can adjust to when it comes down to rolling with the punches….You learn to live with it and relax! 5 day vacations only happen so often so you gotta sit back and enjoy it, and not let the small stuff bother you!

ImageWhen life hands you lemons, make lemonade (and if vodka is nearby, add that too)!



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