Fall Football Pa-Looza


Hey friends-

Though it may be a little toasty outside this late August evening, there is a buzz in the air for none other than you guessed it-COLLEGE FOOTBALL KICKOFF! That’s right peeps, it’s time to show your true colors, bring your pompoms, and get your stadium cake baked and iced (oh wait-that’s just me) and ready for what promises to be another great year of NCAA PigSkin Pandamonium!

Not only do I love Fall for the crisp, cool air that takes over Middle Tennessee, but it also means that Saturday’s are either spent on West End cheering on my team- the Vanderbilt Commodores (oh, and did I mention my birthday falls in October-just sayin’), or in front of the big screen yelling at the refs for a bad call!

I’m giddy with excitement for all the football I’m about to consume over the next few months! And this summer has pleasantly proven to be a little different than most. There is actually hype like I have never seen before surrounding the ‘Dores program. Hype on TV, hype on the radio, hype in the newspaper, shoot even on ESPN!

Albeit, we did make it to a bowl game last year, which was considered a large success considering Coach James Franklin was in year one at the helm, but this year seems a little different. Almost like the entire city of Nashville wants to see us do the unthinkable- have a WINNING season! Like they finally are ready to believe the hype!

Now before you giggle or gasp for air in shock, think about a time when the cards were stacked against you, and all you needed was a little pep in your step, and wag in your swag! You probably built up some courage, a little hope and boom, you overcame an obstacle!

This is what I truly believe could happen on the gridiron this year with Vandy! I could of course be wrong, and we could see the same ol’ Vandy lose the same ol’ games, but a girl and a city can have a little hope right. Besides, you know what they say?!?!

‘He who does not hope to win, has already lost’

See you at the game!



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