First time for everything!


My last couple months have been filled with loads of fun and new beginnings, and I thought it best to take some time to share these with you!

In training for my FIRST full marathon, I’ve found myself experiencing a lot of new challenges, obstacles and opportunities. There was the FIRST time I ran over 13.1 miles, then the FIRST time to run 16 miles, then 18, then 20, then 22, etc. All while having my best friend, Angela, by my side every ImageSaturday morning. We’ve been able to solve the world’s problems (including our own) and pick each other up when we felt like we didn’t want to run anymore!

There were also firsts during the weekly runs, like the FIRST time to run 10 miles before work (who does that? HaHa). It was my FIRST time running with the stars, before the sun came out.  My FIRST time seeing animals that looked at me like I was crazy for being out that early! This training has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and reach for a goal that seemed, not too long ago, to be unattainable…I guess there is a FIRST time for everything!

This has also been the FIRST time where I can relate to Adam what it means exactly to run a marathon. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been able to relate about running. But before when he would run 15 miles one weekend, I would run 8 and totally not be able to relate to the high mileage he would put in, or what exactly his body was enduring. I thought I knew what he was going through last Spring, but we have had the FIRST of many conversations about why this or that muscle hurts, and the importance of ice baths (also a FIRST) and chocolate milk, as well as what it means to be in active recovery mode.

And while taking on the marathon training endeavor, I also was offered a new job at a company outside of the non-profit world—also a FIRST! It’s my FIRST time to really learn a new skill-set that takes me outside of what I had grown so accustomed to in fundraising. It’s challenged me in ways I didn’t think were possible, and now makes me think proactively, rather than reactively-again a FIRST. It has shown me what it means to take the FIRST step to a new career path, and to trust your heart and your head, and know that you are doing is the right thing.

So this post isn’t exactly my way of telling you what has been happening in my life the last couple of months, but rather to challenge you to take a leap of faith and trust in yourself. TAKE THE FIRST STEP! One of my favorite quotes is ‘the first step is always the hardest, but it’s the only way to reach the second step’ (Susan Gale). It may not be the easiest or most attractive step, but it’ll be the most rewarding to a new world of FIRSTS!

Good luck friends!




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  1. Excellent post, XOXOJenny! I’m a huge fan of first, and this is a great reminder to get inspired. Congratulations on so many, and thank you!
    Member, In Absentia
    Cool Kids Club

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