2012…Can I Get a Repeat?


So I’ve been giving the year a lot of thought over the last week or so! Reflecting on all that has happened this year, and how much I feel like I have grown as a person physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s been an AMAZING year, filled with fun times, new goals, exciting accomplishments, and challenges that have made me more at peace with my life and the path that has been set before me! Which is why I don’t want it to end. Actually, can I get a repeat of 2012 for 2013 please, cause this girl had too great of a year to let it just ride off into the sunset! HA! Here is the year at a glance:


Traveling has always been something the hubs and I enjoy, and hold pretty high in terms ofImage priorities. This year we ventured not once, but twice to Memphis, as well as our annual trip to Destin, FL, and even made it for a long weekend in Chattanooga. Our BIG trip this year was to the wonderful island of Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, which was absolutely beautiful and incredibly relaxing. This was our second time to a Caribbean island, and if you have never been, you really should put it on your bucket list.

I was also excited to go visit my extended family in the mountains of PA and NY this summer, as well as take a fun girls-trip to Chicago. We shopped ‘til we dropped!

Run’s, Tri’s, Rides and Such!

I really pushed myself physically this year to try new things out of my comfort zone. One of which was to complete a sprint triathlon. My original goal was to just do one (Cedars), and then it became two (Chattanooga). Let’s just say the swim in Chattanooga really tested me, but I was so happy to have conquered the fear of open water swimming and I absolutely loved it! It was so fun, and so addictive!

I also spent some much needed time on my bike. Adam made a few adjustments for me during the Winter, and put on new components, and my best-friend Angela and I tackled a hilly 44-mile course in the Spring! Again, tons of fun!

And speaking of Angela, we also pushed ourselves to great lengths and long hours of running this fall to both complete our very first Full Marathon in Memphis on Dec 1st. We were each other’s cheerleader when Saturday mornings rolled around and when we were filled with aches and pains, and starvation. J I’m still on a high from that feeling of crossing the finish line (let’s just say I was an emotional mess). HA! Adam also proved to be the best husband ever and stayed with us the entire marathon, and Angela’s husband, Seth, took some great photos to capture the fun moments on the course.  It was an AWESOME experience and one in which I will never forget!

One of the great things about all these activities is that it has really given me time to reflect on what’s important in life, and not get hung up in the day-to-day things that may drag me down or put me in a blah-mood. It is a time to be thankful for what I have, and to get away from the chaos of things, even if it’s just during an hour run, or swimming in the pool. Again, it’s helped me grow not only physically, but spiritually as well!

Work Adjustments

Because I spend as many hours at the office as I do at home, I felt it only fitting to tell you about the professional changes that have taken place. After 6 years in the world of non-profit, 3 of which at the YMCA, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a different career path in the world of corporate healthcare. I am now at Healthways as an Event Manager, and can honestly say I have been challenged every day with new tasks and day-to-day operations that have kept me learning in an environment that encourages my professional development, and encourages a healthy way to work. I was sad to leave my friends at the Y, but luckily have been able to still stay connected, serving on the Board of the Franklin Family YMCA! It’s definitely been an adjustment, but one that I do not regret nor take for granted. J


Adam and I are now in the 5th year of marriage and things are still fun and exciting like when we first met. We have two pups, Rocco and Riley, that bring us a lot of laughter, and feel very blessed to have our families very close to our home. Adam has finished all the major renovations in the townhouse, which were definitely not easy, but look INCREDIBLE! We are lucky to have such a beautiful place to live, in a great neighborhood, and the 2.5 mile commute to work isn’t half bad either! J

So friends, as you can see 2012 have been a GREAT year, and here is to 2013 being even better!  I hope you take some time to reflect on your year, whether it be good or bad, and put forth positive energy and thoughts for an AMAZING 2013!


p.s. Did I mention that my Vanderbilt Commodores won the SEC Championship in Men’s BBall, and are going to back to back bowl games in Football? Oh , and we beat UT at home! BOOM!





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