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Wowsers…What a Month it Was!


Hey guys and gals! As I’m sure many of you experienced, this month just flew by, and by flew by I mean, went by soooo fast I’m pretty sure I thought we still had two weeks left in the month last Saturday when I was checking the calendar. I mean seriously folks, I’m not really feeling this whole 28-day in a month thing, but I digress

Anyways, as always this month (as are many) was filled with some exciting things in the Vazquez household. Starting with a FABULOUS Super Bowl party attended by our family and friends! I made a football cake of course, which didn’t quite get baked all the way through but no one was complaining. Ha! We had two crock pots on full blast during the game, and plenty of spirits and treats to appease the crowd! Speaking of appeasing… I hope you all got to experience Beyonce at halftime! AHHHMAZING! She even blew a circuit (don’t let the Superdome tell you any differently). Too bad her show in Nashville sold out in less than 20 minutes. L

So the baking didn’t stop at the Super Bowl party! Nope, I also was given my great grandmother’s recipe of homemade Molasses cookies (thanks Grandmother Gill), and once Valentine’s Day rolled around, I made close to 4 dozen heart-shaped and XOXO-shaped cookies to pass out to all my favorite Valentine’s! So much fun and so yummy! I felt like a 10 year old getting ready for VDay at school. All I needed was a shoebox to decorate!

In between this I took a trip with the hubs and in-laws to one of my favorite “big cities”, Chicago. Such a fun place and so easy to get to and navigate around! And the food is so yummy! Did someone say deep dish? I did!

The next stop on my adventure was one of a more serious note, when I was the driver of a Imageone-car wreck. As you can see I did indeed flip the car, from what I was told, three times on a rural road in Williamson County. I was coming back from a 10 mile run in Murfreesboro with Angela and Meredith, and got distracted and lost control of the car. Needless to say I was shaken up, but walked away unharmed! Not a scratch or bruise on me, and no one else was involved, THANK GOD! I was definitely being watched and taken care of by the man upstairs, because things could have been a lot worse. Thank goodness for seatbelts and the safety ratings on Honda Accords. Luckily, my fantastic hubby started searching for a replacement car and we were able to buy another Accord, a year newer with less miles, and wheels (not hubcaps), along with some other feature upgrades. Again, I am incredibly grateful and feel very lucky to have not been hurt! (Pretty sure the bike rack on top of my car stopped the roof from caving in, so everyone go buy a bike rack-your welcome REI!)

So once this all went down obviously I was a little sore for a few days, but had the Disney Princess Half Marathon to run the following Sunday in Orlando! I was able to run and complete the race and had a BLAST with 26K runners (99% women) and their tu-tu’s and costumes. So much fun and if you are looking for a girls’ weekend and race combo, Disney puts on a heck of a show! (Celebrity sighting: Sean Aston from “Rudy” was running the race and in our corral…SO COOL! And yes we started chanting RUDY, RUDY, RUDY cause that’s what you do.)

So as you can see it’s been a pretty busy month week in and week out. I am grateful to be blessed to have not been hurt and to have an opportunity to go to so many fun places and experience so many great and new things! We also celebrated some birthdays with my mom and sister in-law this month, and missed Poppy on his birthday. One thing I will say is that when I think about how much I miss him and get teary-eyed about it, I also think about how lucky I was to have had him for 26 years, and that I know he watches over me. He was and is a great man, whom I hope to one day be like! (ok, I gotta quit writing or I’ll start crying…LOL)

Ta-Ta for now and XOXO!


p.s. Adam has taken up woodworking, and has become quite the pro. I’ll be posting about that in the weeks to come. Gotta get more photos and let him finish his latest project! J