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Wood Worker Extraordinaire


Hey peeps!

It’s time for our next installment of all things DiaryofaHappyWhiteGirl, and this one should really be called DiaryofaHappyMexicanBoy, cause we are gonna spotlight the one and only, Adam Vazquez.


Dining Room Table

Cute Husband, Father of Rocco and Riley, Fitness Machine (my BFF Angela calls him the Incredible Hulk), and now he has also taken on the role of Woodworker-to-the-Masses (and by masses I mean myself, my parents, and his parents)! That’s right folks, Adam is officially a carpentry day laborer on the weekends! AND HE IS REALLY GOOD AT IT!


Coffee Table



He has already built a new office desk, coffee table, TV stand, as well as a new dining room table, record storage boxes, refinished matching chairs, decorative wall art, and mirror boxes. And this has all happened in the last 5 months! Pretty amazing and I though it only fitting that I show off the goods! Granted our one-car garage is now his workshop, but tis the sacrifice that is needed to get new furniture around here so I can suck it up for now and park my little Honda Accord outdoors! Besides I gotta show off the bike rack somehow right? 😉


TV Stand and you can see the framed wall art in this photo too!

Hope you enjoy the photos!