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Maui…..The Land of Beautiful Beaches, Exquisite Sites and Just About Any Rental Car You Could Want


Hello out there friends and welcome back to the random ruminations of the Diary of a VERY Happy White Girl! It’s been a while I know, but I was finding it hard to get inspired to write about the heat of summer (even though it rained a majority of the time in Middle TN), and frankly things got busy (selling your house in 12 days can do that)! Anywho, welcome back and so glad you have ten minutes to read about the MOST beautiful place in ‘Merica!

Road to Hana

Road to Hana

That’s right- the hubs and I made a trip across the mainland (literally) to Maui, Hawaii, and it was AMAZING! By far one of the best, if not the BEST trip I have ever been on. It was an incredible place and frankly I felt like I was in an entire different country and kept having to remind myself that Hawaii is a part of the 50 Nifty United States (anyone remember this song from grade school?)! The land was beautiful, the pristine ocean surrounded you, the gardens were lush, and I literally felt like I was in a dream the entire time.

Needless to say the flight was not very fun with a 4.5 hour flight to LAX (Ron Jeremy was on our plane out of Nashville which kind of grossed me out), and then another 5 hour flight to Maui, but American Airlines knows how to show a good movie or two so it wasn’t awful by any means. Once we exited the airport and picked up the rental car (err Jeep Wrangler of course for Adam), we were on our way to a very “event-filled” vacay. And when I say “event-filled” I mean it. Within 24 hours of arriving, we made our way in the wee hours of the morning to Mt. Haleakala, which is a giant volcano that has a looking area at the top of a crater so you can watch the sunrise. It was impressive to say the least. We then opted to ride mountain bikes down the side of Haleakala for 25ish miles



to the town of Paia. So cool, and the sights were amazing! From there we got in some sleep and continued on with our adventures over the next 5 days, including surf lessons, snorkeling in Molekini (it’s legit), going to a Luau (also legit), and spending a day discovering Road to Hana. All were exceptional, and I was pretty stoked when I realized that a lot of the tourists thought Adam was a local! It was almost like we had some street-cred.

A couple other observations that I think are worth mentioning as well since I think EVERYONE should plan a trip. First, the vowel to consonant ratio is insane. I found myself going WAY back to elementary school trying to say street names and such. Kind of embarrassing when you pair that with a southern twang! Also, if the mainland (or any old dude going through a mid-life crisis) is EVER in need of a rental Ford Mustang, I can assure you they are all in Maui. Every color was represented numerous times!

Again, I CAN NOT put into words how amazing this trip was and I think each of you should put it on your list of places to visit. It’s definitely not cheap, but it’s so worth the money!

Safe Travels and so glad that cooler temps are around the corner cause I’m melting!