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(Disclaimer: This post gets a little “deep” so stop reading now if you came here for a recipe, sports-related post, or something similar)     


So I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking these days! Not sure if it’s just a “season” of life I am in or what but I’ve found myself to be way more intentional with 90% of the decisions I make each day (striving for 100% but hey, no one is perfect). This is not to say, I haven’t been intentional in the past with decision-making, but for whatever reason, I find myself really thinking about the words that come out of my mouth and how they can affect others, as well as my actions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking myself too seriously by any means. Just trying to be more thoughtful! All that to say, I have also been thinking about those individuals that I have been blessed to be in the presence of, and who have left a lasting impression on me!

Have you ever wondered about someone years, months, days later whom really made a difference in your life? Call me sentimental, curious or just plain nosey, but lately I’ve really wanted to “check-in” with some of those who left that type of impression on me (if they are still around) and whom I consider to be the salt of the earth. Noble and genuine individuals who will forever and always hold special places in my heart! Hence the reason, this sudden “intentional-ness” (is that even a word) has sprung up! I want to ensure these people know that they have played a HUGE part in my life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet plenty of amazing folks from all over the world in my short 30 years on the Earth! Some I have met by happenstance (right place, right time) and briefly held a conversation, never to be seen again. Some have met through friends of friends, and whom I see occasionally. And then there are those that have developed into longstanding friendships. I commonly refer to them as “MY FAVES”. MY FAVES include all kinds of folks, young and old, some who are part of this world and some who have passed away. These FAVES I speak of all hold a spot in my heart, and they need to know that. So I’m gonna ensure that no matter what, for the remainder of 2014, I will seek them out and ensure that they know (via note, text, email, convo, etc) that they are one of MY FAVES!

A phrase that was shared with me many moons ago, and which I share with others, in terms of friendship is that “it’s about quality individuals, not the quantity”. My grandfather was the first person I remember telling me this, when I was probably going through some sort of trivial teenage point of life cause some girl hurt my feelings. LOL He was one of MY FAVES! And this phrase has never been more true as I have gotten older and realized that you are who you surround yourself with, which is why I am challenging myself to be surrounded by those who have genuine traits. Nothing fake or phony, or those who are putting on a show for others. I seek genuine and sincere individuals who I know will be a constant sense of encouragement, support and unconditional love in the present and the future! Also, they have to laugh at my jokes. That’s a requirement, or otherwise it’s just not gonna work out between the two of us!


Have a wonderful week friends!