YAY for 2015!!


Happy New Year’s Day to all and welcome to 2015! More importantly, welcome back to this fun blog and my lone resolution this year to write more on a regular basis. I’m not sure what was stopping me from writing so much last year, but I think it’s time to get back to the basics and get my opinion out for all to read (if they so choose).

What’s weird is that the more I thought about what was holding me back in 2014, the more I kept finding various excuses and trying to pinpoint one particular “life” event which I have failed to uncover. Don’t get me wrong, the hubs and I had plenty of great things going on in 2014. Lots of travels to places near and far, and lots of happenings both big and small! Unfortunately, I was having a mental block of sorts. You see, this blog is only meant to express the funny and uplifting stories (hence the name DiaryofaHappyWhiteGirl), and for whatever reason what I really wanted to write about was neither of these two things. I knew I needed to push through this and come to terms with how things had shaken out in the great game of LIFE, before I started acting like all was a-ok and writing about things that weren’t reflective of my normal “glass is always half-full” self!

Luckily, I now feel like I can be open and honest with this blog, even on days that aren’t so great. I don’t have to be the happy, white girl all the time and that’s OK! That being said, Adam and I were blessed with the news that we were going to be parents in July and found out in November that the bun in the oven is a baby BOY! His name is Michael Gordon Vazquez and we can’t wait to meet him in late March 2015. We also found out that sweet Michael has a heart defect, called Ebstein’s  Anamoly, so we are working through what that means upon his arrival and pray that he will be able to lead a normal life. To follow Michael’s story feel free to check out our Caringbridge site here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/michaelgordon2

I look forward to seeing many of your faces during 2015 and to continue to share life with you! I’ll always try to keep this blog as free-spirited and fun as possible, but know that I’m human, and some days may be easier than others! Here is to a wonderful 2015 and to great friends and family along the way!




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