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A Lover of Love

A Lover of Love

As far back as I can remember, when I would call my grandmother on the phone the conversation would normally start with me saying “Hey Grandmother!” and her replying in her very Southern and distinct voice “Hi Love!”. We’d then proceed to talk about the weather, the news, upcoming holidays, church happenings, how ‘her boys’ (Adam and Michael) were doing, so on and so forth. There was never a dull moment and before we’d get off the phone she’d tell me that she loved me. Why is this significant? Well I’ll tell you!

My grandmother, Sara Glenn Morris, was a lover of love. She loved everyone. I’m not embellishing the truth. She seriously never met a stranger, and when she wasn’t referring to you as love, she would call you sweetie, dear, sugar, cutie… the list could go on and on. She had many terms of endearment and used them frequently! She always was going to make sure that whomever she interacted with, whether she knew them by name or not, knew that she came with love in her heart. That’s the Sara Morris I will always know and love.

People were not the only ones who received her love. She also loved butterflies. She loved chocolate. She loved being a part of the Middle Tennessee community. She loved her country and she loved her freedom. She also had very specific loves that she talked about frequently.

The first was my grandfather, Edward Morris, whom she met on the lucky day of Friday the 13th, when they went on a blind date. And guess what? They fell in love. Grandmother enjoyed telling everyone their story of love, travel, raising a family, and reminiscing about fun adventures.

She also loved her family. Having three children of their own, my grandparents instilled hard-work, hospitality and discipline, which was all rooted from love. Grandmother also loved her grandchildren and great-grandchild. Whenever we were near, there was no leaving her presence without a hug and the words “I Love You!”. She made sure of it!

She loved her friends……so many friends! When she became a widow at the age of 65 she surrounded herself with friends. They were her family and they were there to help fill a void. She would travel with friends, eat at Cracker Barrel with friends, go shopping with friends, or just sit at her house and chat with friends. She loved them all and they loved her too!

By far and without apology, my grandmother’s number on love was her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She was incredibly dedicated to God and gave Him all the credit for her blessed life. After being diagnosed with cancer, she repeatedly told me on many occasions that the Lord has always taken care of her and would continue to take care of her in this life and the next. She did not shy away from talking about His presence in her life, and her church family was very much a part of what kept her going day in and day out. Her love for her spirituality was unwavering and is a part of her beautiful legacy. There is no doubt in my mind that God has a special place in heaven for her, and she is looking down on us with love in her heart.

Thanks for being a lover of love Grandmother. You will always be remembered and always be loved!


Your proud granddaughter, Jennifer