So many of you are probably wondering who is the person behind ‘The Diary of a Happy, White Girl”, well duh a happy, white girl nonetheless. 🙂 Just kidding! No in all honesty I started this blog because of my love of writing and expressing my opinion on a variety of issues (both my husband and parents can vouch for this)! I actually grew up in the South, but yet most people are shocked that I don’t have an accent. I am in my mid-20s ( a Southern woman never reveals her age), and I am a happily married mother of one, and by one I mean a 12 lb 6 oz shih-tzu named Rocco. He is our pride and joy. I am currently employed by a national non-profit and work in the Development department which is a GREAT job, of course it has its days but from the places I have been at before, this definitely takes the cake when it comes to a low-maintenance, low-drama atmosphere. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the typical development department at a non-profit, it usually consists of events, asking for money, making sure the money actually comes in, and in general schmoozing the donors so that “they feel special”. It’s actually a pretty cool environment to work in, because everyday is somewhat different and they consider a work week 37.5 hours—woo hoo!

Our little bundle of joy Rocco!

When I am not working I stay SUPER busy because you only live once and life’s too short to not be active. I’m currently on this running-kick (play on words) and I’m training for my second half-marathon in April, which I am both very excited and nervous about. I also am big into spin classes right now and Zumba (don’t knock it til you try it).  What’s weird is that growing up I was not athletic what-so-ever. I mean I took dance from age 2-16 but I was never big into the whole athlete-in-training type thing, (left that up to the little sister) unless it involved watching Vanderbilt Football and Basketball games!

And while we are on the subject- I’m a HUGE and by HUGE I mean GINORMOUS Vanderbilt fan. Ask anyone I know and they will tell you the same thing. Many ask why I’m a Vandy fan-and I ask why not?!?! I mean it’s the SEC and granted they are not the most athletic or the biggest and it is an act of Congress to try to get merchandise in department stores that aren’t orange or have a giant gator-head on them, but Vandy is my team and nothing is better than college football on a Saturday in the Fall, or a college BBall game where the last second shot takes you to the NCAA Tourney.

I actually pride myself on my knowledge of sports in general (thanks Dad!) and also feel good when girl-friends of mine will jump on board and broaden their horizons about athletes, teams, etc. And speaking of friends, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with them and I like to think they enjoy spending as much time as possible with me!

Another thing that I hold near and dear to my heart is my family. Without them I don’t know where I would be, but I’m 90% sure it wouldn’t be anywhere good. I have grandparents on both sides of my family who are alive—which is AWESOME and believe it or not two of them refuse to retire which is admirable to say the least. I also have an extended family of cousins, aunts and uncles, oh and I’m a new Aunt too, which is TONS OF FUN! My husband and I have been married for over two years, but dated for 6 years before we got hitched. He is my soul mate and best friend, and keeps me sane when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed or crazy!

From time to time I’ll post about various organizations that I volunteer with, stories of friends, restaurant critiques, and so much more, but be forewarned I set up this blog to voice my opinion and start conversations with others. I am open to also hear your thoughts, ideas, etc as I hope you are open to mine as well!

As always XOXO!



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